Four Viral Loop Drivers [updated]

I was noodling about different categories of viral loops and started making a list…

Viral Loops typically center on:

  1. Contact Lists — e.g., inviting new people thru the process of finding/adding new contacts to a contact list
  2. Conversations — e.g., inviting new people by adding them to chats, events, groups, etc.
  3. Media — e.g., inviting new people by sharing media/content with them
  4. Incentives — e.g., inviting new people to unlock functional or financial incentives

Any others that you can think of?

One Comment on “Four Viral Loop Drivers [updated]”

  1. BharathiRamavarjula says:

    the tipping-point (by malcom gladwell) captured these drivers well — this is the summary: it seems to me that it is not sufficient to have “any” person(s) be the driver for spreading the “virus” –> you need someone who is connected to different groups to be virus-spreader. e.g. suppose we gave an app for time mgmt to a group of nuns who are cloistered (using an extreme example to make a point), the “virus” will not spread beyond the convent’s walls. what we need is someone who connected to more than network e.g. the cleaning lady who might meet the nuns but also steps out in the outside world.

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