Three user-generated content UX principles

Three UGC UX principles that I’m working towards in my products:
1) Fast — sub-200 millisecond response time to any user input
2) Assistive — give users something to react to; rather than forcing them to generate their own novel content
3) Learning — system improves with every user click or action

What are your top three?

One Comment on “Three user-generated content UX principles”

  1. grublev says:

    Great post! This post exemplifies one other principle: brevity. “brevity is the soul of wit” and also the soul of a great UI experience, and you condensed a very complex topic into three quick bullets. My top 5 would be:
    1) Clear and concise messaging
    2) Assistive
    3) Self-segmenting – provide each user persona a clear path to follow
    4) Learning
    5) Fast (when possible)

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